December 2016 Playlist

Christmas is coming and we’re sure you’ve already heard the same old tunes blasting on the radio. Cliff Richard, Wham and Slade among others. But what about those other songs? The Christmas songs that exist but never get played. Well we’re changing that and bringing you a playlist that celebrates the alternative! How many have you heard before?

I’d like to start the list of with some good ‘ol lounge music. December is the time of year to come together, snuggle up under a blanket with loved ones and just relax with some jazzy tunes. The first entry on this list is going to be a playlist that I’ve found while frantically searching for something to go along with the Christmas dinner that I had prepared (the turkey was phenomenal). Since then, I’ve actually found myself putting it on during work or while reading an old fashioned book (remember those?).

The second entry is going to have to be Nujabes – Hikari. It’s a bit more hip-hop than what I’d usually listen to – I’ll admit that much. That being said, the genre of the song is the absolute last thing on my mind when listening to anything from Nujabes. Everything from the piano, to the drums and beat are absolutely amazing.