How to write content for your website

Content is king – that is the golden rule of internet marketing. Producing said content can however be difficult if you’re on a budget. Here are some of my tips to help you get started, writing awesome content for your website.

Get a portable notebook

Never underestimate the power of pencil and paper. There’s just something about doodling and writing the old fashioned way that gets my brain cells going every single time. It also helps to be able to quickly write and doodle out your idea when it hits you. It’s going to do a lot more good than writing little notes on your phone.

Come up with a list

People love lists! They are clean, to the point and allow for the information to be bulleted and nicely stored in our brains. There’s also this feeling of satisfaction whenever we finish a list. I’m sure it has something to do with the feeling of being productive and to-do lists, but that’s an entirely different topic. The important thing is that it works and more importantly the points tend to write themselves.

Just try it out – think of 5 tips which you would give starting business owners. I’m sure that wasn’t too difficult. Now for each tip that you’ve come up with, try explaining why you’ve put it there. Congratz, you’ve just written you’re very first blog posts.

Read articles, books, forums

Reading is an integral part of getting good at writing. We learn to speak by listening, likewise we learn to write by reading. Make an effort to write articles, blog posts and forum posts on a daily basis. It’s not only going to help you with your writing and creativity, but it’s also going to make you stay up to date with your niche and industry.

Write about trends

To get the most out of your posts, you’ll usually have to stay on top of current trends. Here are a few tools to help you out:

  • Google Trends
  • Google Alerts
  • Google Search Console
  • Hashtags (Ritetag)
  • Quora, Yahoo answers
  • Redit and Forums

Use these to research trending topics, or find topics to write about.

Write about something personal

Never underestimate playful articles about your personal life. People want to talk to people, not companies. Show them that you’re human and establish that personal connection with your readers. It’s not always about being stuck-up and serious. Throw in a personal and playful article once or twice a month, you won’t believe how easily it can break walls and make people want to talk to you… work with you.

Write a case study once or twice a month

A case study is basically a long form blog post about a certain topic – usually about a specific project. These can range anywhere from 1200 – 4000 words and up. These are the big traffic drivers and these are the articles which you need to spend time on. Pick a topic or a project to analyze and take your time on producing the best article of your life. Here’s it’s always going to be more about quality than  quantity.

Tip: Once written, please make sure you’ve checked the SEO of your fancy new case study. It can make or break the article and considering how much time you’ve spent on it. Most of the time, the reason why case studies drive so much traffic over time, is because they rank highly for certain keywords that you’re focusing on.

Have fun

Last but definitely not least is to have fun. I know it sounds cliche, but the moment that you start not having fun writing about the stuff that you’re passionate about, or writing about topics that you dislike, you’re going to fall into a loop of unproductivity. Everything from procrastination, to poor writing, short articles and writers block are going to be a constant thing. If that’s the case (and if you cannot change your niche), do consider just hiring someone to handle writing for you. Your time is going to be much better spent elsewhere.

Happy Writing! 🙂